Jekyll Projects and Blog theme

: jekyll

Concepts Used

  • Static Site Generator
  • Liquid
  • Ruby Gems


  • Project Showcase
  • Blog Section
  • Archive Section

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Shift is a Jekyll theme which I made to run this site.

One day I had decided that I will make a site where I will post all the projects that I undertake, software or otherwise..


I had fallen in love with Jekyll because of the simplicity in its use and configuration along with the wide support for hosting. Hence its use.

This theme enables one to not only post projects, but also to write blogs , with all the bells and whistles.


The site, as you can see has the following features:

  1. Front Page for introduction
  2. Projects Page - It has 2 sections:
    • Categories: All projects sorted into categories so its easier to access.
    • By Date: A list sorted according to date of posting
  3. Blog Section: A place to blog about technologies I am experimenting with. It has tags for topics too.
  4. Archive Page: A place to list blog posts according to tags, not dates. Because dates dont matter as much as topic for the posts.


Even though this site is customised alot from the inital design, one can easily download the theme and use it for personal websites.