Merry Christmas

A simple app to spread christmas cheer.

: android

Concepts Used

  • Appinventor


  • Wishes page
  • Shake to ring bells



Until now I had barely started to code in C , and I didnt know anything about making apps. So I found out about MIT App Inventor 2 and thought I’d try it out.

It is an open source Android making website originally made by Google but now maintained by MIT.


App Inventor 2 provides a web HUI interface to select and arrange the pages/sections/components of the app and provide them functionality with Blockly, a Scratch like tool for the web based on Javascript.

The apps gui is made in the Designer editor with drag and drop components from adjacent menus as shown below.

The Logic is provided in the Blocks editor as shown below.


The app has the following screens:

  • Intro: The main screen with buttons for other screens.
  • Santa’s Message: This screen has a pic of Santa. When you click it, an audio file is played in which Santa greets you.
  • Try This (Bells): In this screen, if you shake the phone, christmas bells ring..
  • About: A screen to express why I made the app.


I know this App seems very simple and juvenile, but when I made it, I was kinda proud of myself. Hence I chose to include it here.