Jekyll Travel theme

: jekyll

Concepts Used

  • Static Site Generator
  • Liquid
  • Ruby Gems


  • Blog section
  • Map page to plot destinations
  • Categories

Code Link


This is a travel blog theme I intend to use to document my outdoor adventures.

This was one of my first Jekyll themes.


I found Jekyll to be a wonderful static site generator system. I fell in love with its simplicity and power of customisation.

The site has the following features:

  • A main page
  • Blog Section with navigation
  • A Map section

The MAP section was my favourite addition. It will show the locations I visited on a map and on clicking each marker, you can go to the post.

I had initially thought of using GoogleMaps Geocode API to plot places automatically, but the thing is the API has limitations of upto 10 requests per instance.

So I ended up making a python script to get me lattiude and longitude coordinates to specify in the YAML front matter. It can be found in my GitHub Repo.


This wasn’t the best theme I made, but I use it for my own travel site.