Internet Of Things Dashboard

A dashboard to control IoT devices ,made for my MiniProject.

: php

Concepts Used

  • Php
  • REST API + MySQl
  • Arduino and ESP8266


  • Fully Responsive
  • Ajax
  • Authentication



For my miniproject, we had used Arduino and Esp8266 to make an IoT system and needed a dashboard which could be run from anywhere in the world.


It has an authentication where users can log in, and once in you can see the device status.

For example, a lightbulb, which is shown to be lit, when lit in real life.

Then there is a toggle which lets you control it.

There is an arduino script included in the repo too for controlling the ESP8266.


This project was a basic implementation of IOT, and I learnt that I hate hardware :P

Its too unreliable and closed off.. :P