A shell script to create python projects, batteries included.

: shell

Concepts Used

  • Shell Scripting
  • CLI developement
  • web scraping


  • Basic command line interface
  • virtualenv, git
  • licence and choice of version



I needed a basic shell scipt to make python projects with all the things I need. Thus I made Initpy: A basic shell script to initiate standard python projects with git and virtualenv and licences.


The script is written in BASH and takes in one command line arguement.

There is also help text when wrong params are entered.

To make a project you navigate to the folder in which you want to make the project and type:

initpy new <project_name>

Additional flags can be provided like:

  • g : to initialize a git repo
  • l : to add a Licence file

The pics below will make it clear..

The directory layout after generation is given below:


I use this script often with my python projects because it saves time.