Personal Assistant

: python

Concepts Used

  • AIML
  • NLP


  • Custom Features
  • CLI



I wanted to make a personal chatbot to help me out with basic tasks like push my repos to GitHub or update my sites for me.


This project is basically a chatbot based on AIML, a tool which was initally made for the A.L.I.C.E bot.

AIML is a markup language, similar to XML, which is at the core of the application.

It is used to define the responses to questions as given below:

        Well, hello!
    <pattern>WHAT ARE YOU</pattern>
        I'm a bot, silly!
    <pattern>HOW DID I *</pattern>
        <li>I'm not sure I wasn't paying a bit of attention</li>
        <li>Well you see</li>
        <li>I do not recall</li>


This project was supposed to be more comprehensive and had more features.

The bot has the following features:

  • Add features as modules
  • Add responses by adding more custom AIML
  • CLI interface
  • binary available.


This project still has some work to do, but I’ll finish it in the future.