Chopsticks Game on Cmd

My first C game, originally written with Turbo C++

: C

Concepts Used

  • Structural Programming
  • CLI developement
  • functions,headers,and windows api


  • Basic command line interface
  • 2 Players
  • Instructions Included



This was my first projects ever. We had Structured Programming Approach as a subject, which was based on C. I had never tried programming, and I got hooked in no time. Within a few days I had made this.

This basic game is an attempt to imitate the Chopsticks game in C. It has a basic UI where user has to input response to a prompt..

I had this idea when I was brainstorming with a friend about which games we can make. Chopsticks isnt a game one would hope to see on a computer, let alone on a terminal.


This game is based completely in the CLI or the Terminal. I had made the first draft on Turbo C++ but converted to a windows binary using CodeBlocks.

The UI consists of screens which are controlled by keyboard. Once input is taken, the screen refreshes, using the cls command in the Windows CMD or clear in bash..

The game starts with an ASCII splashscreen followed by an instructions page.

The username of 2 players is taken in and their initial scores are displayed on each sides of the screen.

When a players turn arrives, an optionlist is presented and the input is taken. In the next screen the scores are updated and input for the next player is taken in.

This happens till one of the player is a winnder, with zero points left.


The complete game is based on CLI. It is probably the first one based on the CLI. I chose the CLI coz it was the only UI I knew of ,coz of my limited knowledge about programming.

This is a 2 player game, with custom names taken and used everywhere.

Since it is a simple game, it is super fast.

I had used Escape sequences to make the text look as semantic and intuitive as possible.


This project was with what I understood the use of functions and reusing code. I also learnt how to manipulate STDOUT to make the game look appealing.

This was the first zero investment project I completed as imagined. Thats what I like about programming, its free!