Hello World

My first post here.

29 January 2018


Hello there,

I made this website to document all the projects and ideas ive worked on. It’s not a professional portfolio, just a personal online journal of sorts. This whole site is a project in itself and I will describe it in a future post.

What will I write in this blog section? Well, anything and everything about my projects..Initially I thought of keeping another jekyll site with just the blog, but that seemed too broken so I decided to make one myself and add it to this site.

The posts here will be about either of the following topics:

  • the problems leading up to the ideas
  • the ideas leading up to the projects
  • the path to find the best solution for the problems
  • an interesting concept I’d like to share
  • important code snippets or notes for myself
  • and other random stuff I find interesting

What they wont be about :

  • the project description, coz the projects have seperate pages for that

So yeah, this is like a scope of this blog.. I know , I know , sounds very formal and all, but the fun stuff will come.

There is just too much left to populate now, in a hurry . :)

P.S: Used Figlet for the Ascii art in the terminal.